Transmission Bangkok 2023 - Amplifying the Festival Experience with Seamless Operations

Transmission made a resounding return, upping the ante with a larger scale and an expanded audience with Hardmission leading the second day.

After a 5-year hiatus, Transmission made a resounding return, upping the ante with a larger scale and an expanded audience for its Awakening theme, featuring Hardmission leading the second day of the festival. The event attracted renowned headliners like Cosmic Gate, Ferry Corsten, Daxson, and Marlo. Beyond the stellar lineup, the festival aimed to enhance the overall experience by integrating in-event activations with top brands.

Services Provided:

Access Control:
To prevent ticket misuse and streamline check-in, a pre-registration system was implemented. Multiple tiers of wristbands were utilized to control access to specific zones, ranging from artist areas to VIP sections.

Brand Activations:
Collaborating with over two dozen leading brands and vendors, the event area was transformed into a vibrant hub. Menu setup and device training facilitated a seamless experience for vendors, ensuring secure, fast checkouts, and top-ups for event attendees.

Cashless Payment Solutions:
Strategically positioned top-up stations catered to all vendors, including locker rentals, Transmission merchandise booths, and food outlets. With fully trained staff, lines were efficiently managed, contributing to a smooth, cashless payment experience.

On-site Staff:
A dedicated team of over a dozen staff members was present on-site to provide support for both access control and cashless payment operations.

Ticketmelon played a pivotal role in powering the two-day festival, offering comprehensive support through software and hardware implementation. This ensured quick controlled access to data for organizers, aiding in tracking attendee capacity and facilitating a seamless flow for those purchasing merchandise and exploring brand activations.

The collaboration between Transmission and Ticketmelon not only successfully revived the festival but also set a benchmark for future events, showcasing how a well-integrated technology solution can elevate the overall experience for both organizers and attendees. The triumphant return of Transmission with seamless operations is a testament to the power of innovation in enhancing large-scale events.

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