Rajadamnern Stadium evolves with new entertainment standards, old soul and latest event technology

78 years old and first ever Muay Thai stadium is an iconic landmark for Thailand’s boxing industry renovates post pandemic with global standards

"We put trust in Ticketmelon to be part of our massive event experience revamp to create the most seamless ticket buying and seat selection process - from coming to our website to entering the historic stadium for the most thrilling and memorable experience."

Rajadamnern Stadium is a historical landmark of Thailand that has played a key role in preserving Thai martial arts traditions through the sport of Muay Thai. Since its inauguration, the stadium has reached legendary status by bringing the sport to both a professional and international stage in just a few decades.

Many of the most historical events within the sport have taken place at Rajadamnern Stadium, making it an aspirational location for competitors and a favorite amongst global combat sports fans. The prestige alone draws in an audience of fans from all over the world to experience the stadium’s atmosphere.

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the Thai boxing sports hard as several highly anticipated competitions were suspended for months on end. Despite the knockout, Rajadamnern Stadium wouldn’t tap out and emerged through this dark chapter and has become the site synonymous with the rebirth of Muay Thai. 

The organization’s success focused on a new vision that focused on its tradition, culture, and original Muay Thai roots. This was accomplished through a makeover that adapted to modern times and partnerships with up-and-coming ventures, such as an events solution partner to reimagine its ticketing services and event experience — from the moment fans set foot in the historic town up to when they enter the cultured atmosphere of the stadium.

The Solution

Ticketmelon provided the newly renovated Rajadamnern Stadium with a brand new event technology that complemented its vision of the Muay Thai culture and traditions. Attendees were met with an upgraded ticketing experience, powered by Ticketmelon, which offered better seat map configuration, simplified zone selection, and an interactive map. Upon entering the stadium, already integrated QR codes and wrist bands made accessing the stadium and its amenities a seamless process. 

Rajadamnern Stadium’s website also underwent a facelift that integrated its ticket buying page with Ticketmelon’s platform directly.  Ticketmelon’s technology and approach helped open the doors once again for fans all across the globe to enjoy the action and entertainment of Muay Thai at its original birthplace.

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