Coca-Cola KAINation - Guinness World Record Official Attempt Powered By Customized Event Tech Solution

Latest Coca-Cola KAINation event powered by customized event technology solutions breaks record

The Ask:
Coca-Cola approached Ticketmelon with an ambitious goal: to support their mission in breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people eating simultaneously at the same venue. The primary challenge was to ensure an accurate head count without collecting individual attendee data. Additionally, we were tasked with explaining the technology used to Guinness representatives to get accreditation.

Services Provided:

Customized QR Codes:
To achieve an accurate headcount while respecting privacy, we created 5000 unique QR codes, each printed on custom wristbands. Attendees wore these wristbands, allowing for seamless and non-intrusive tracking of participants which was synced in real time with live updates of the attendee count that was accurate and monitored by Guinness representatives.

Tailored Scanner/Counter:
We developed a fully customized scanner/counter to efficiently read and tally the QR codes as attendees entered the venue. The technology was designed to be fast, accurate, and capable of handling a high volume of people in a short period.

Real-time Dashboard:
To keep both event organizers and Guinness World Record officials informed, we implemented a real-time dashboard. This dashboard reflected the number of people who had entered the venue, providing instant updates and ensuring transparency throughout the event.


Wristband Distribution: Prior to the event, we distributed the custom wristbands with QR codes to all attendees. Clear instructions were provided on the importance of keeping the wristbands on throughout the event.

Scanner Deployment: On the day of the event, our team strategically placed the customized scanners at entry points. We provided a total of 20 lanes/scanners all working simultaneously to accommodate the surge of people coming into the venue. These scanners efficiently captured and recorded the unique QR codes, automatically updating the real-time dashboard.

Accreditation Process: Our team liaised with Guinness World Record representatives, providing a comprehensive explanation of the technology employed. The efficiency and accuracy of our system were crucial in obtaining accreditation for the record attempt.

Coca-Cola's KAINation successfully utilized event tech solutions to fully track and monitor attendees seamlessly participating in the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people eating at the same time and place. The precision of our head counting system was pivotal in achieving this feat, and the technology was well-received and accredited by Guinness World Record officials.

Key Takeaways:

Privacy-Focused Technology: The use of QR codes on wristbands allowed for accurate head counting without compromising individual privacy, a key consideration for large-scale events.

Efficient Accreditation: Clear communication and a detailed explanation of the technology used were essential in obtaining accreditation from Guinness World Records.

Real-time Monitoring: The real-time dashboard provided transparency and crucial updates, enabling event organizers to manage the flow of attendees effectively.

Coca-Cola's KAINation event stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between technology and creativity, showcasing how precise counting systems can play a pivotal role in achieving ambitious event goals.

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