Brewtopia 2023: International Craft and Culture Festival

The inaugural international craft and culture festival held in Thailand, set a new standard for immersive experiences over its 3-day extravaganza.

Brewtopia, the pioneer of international craft and culture festivals in Thailand, set a new standard for immersive experiences during its groundbreaking 3-day event. Beyond being a festival, Brewtopia established a vibrant community by bringing together over 300 beverage brands from more than 10 countries, all against the breathtaking backdrop of the Chao Phraya River and the iconic Bangkok skyline. The event featured top Thai artists, including Slappkiss, Zeal, Zom Marie, F.Hero, Polycat, Yokee Playboy, and an array of live bands and DJs.

Services Provided:
Ticketing Solutions:
Brewtopia leveraged Ticketmelon's innovative ticketing solutions to manage crowd control effectively over the 3-day extravaganza. This not only reduced lines but also introduced cashless payment solutions, ensuring convenience for attendees during transactions. The swift ordering and payment process not only enhanced the overall attendee experience but also generated more income for vendors.

Cashless Payment Solutions:
With hundreds of vendors offering their finest beers and delectable food pairings, Ticketmelon's cashless solutions and strategically placed top-up booths kept lines moving smoothly. Attendees could make frequent purchases seamlessly with a simple tap of the wrist, adding a layer of efficiency to the festival's vibrant atmosphere.

Redemption Feature:
To further enhance attendee engagement, every festival-goer could effortlessly redeem a free welcome drink with a tap of their wrist. This activation not only added a delightful touch to the Brewtopia experience but also facilitated the tracking of all redemptions, ensuring readiness to serve the complimentary drinks without any hitches.

On-Site Support:
To guarantee a seamless event operation, a dedicated team of event experts from Ticketmelon was present on-site. This team served as a help desk, swiftly resolving any issues that arose during the festival, ensuring the smooth flow of operations.


Brewtopia, being the first of its kind in Thailand, achieved resounding success with flawless event operations. The integration of Ticketmelon's comprehensive solutions not only enhanced the overall attendee experience but also contributed to the efficiency of vendor transactions. The seamless execution of ticketing, cashless payments, redemption features, and on-site support collectively played a pivotal role in making Brewtopia a groundbreaking and memorable event. As a result, Brewtopia has set the benchmark for future craft and culture festivals, showcasing the power of innovative event solutions in crafting success.

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